As the offspring of BarCraftNZ and Company of Gamers, Aspect of Gaming is a dedicated crew of gamers determined to make gaming huge and connected in NZ.

We spend our time finding ways to connect gamers, put on gaming events, build up the NZ gaming industry and keep you guys up to date on everything going on.


We’re keeping things going with the activities that made us what we are, but we’re also throwing some other stuff in the mix…

  • Bar viewings of eSports (BarCraft, PubStomp and Bar of Legends events so far) – you know em well and we’re making em bigger and better. Each month (or more) we’ll put on a bar viewing of some big global eSports competition and we’ll hold polls for you to vote on which tournaments you want us to follow. There’ll still be prizes, competitions and lots of other stuff to do there and we’ll try to cover a wider variety of eSports titles. To check out what happened at last year’s biggest event see the Bar of Legends – LoL S3 World Champs pictures.

  • Community tournaments – 2012 & 2013 saw some heated competition in the Company of Gamers eSports circuits and we’re taking it to the community. Every now and then we’ll host a community tournament with a different game. We’re still in talks about whether or not we’re going to create a tournament circuit or if we’ll just try to make each tournament as fun as possible so look out for that.

  • Gaming news, info and stories – our new website has a blog which we’ll be filling with info from both us and you guys. We’ll start posting regularly about video game news, interesting gaming info and maybe a few featured gaming stories. Then we’ll open up the blog to you guys for public submissions and start building the video game writer base in NZ. We’ll set up a newsletter for this and everything we do when it really gets going.

  • Interviews and podcasts – in case you miss any important gaming news, you want a laugh or you’re keen to hear what big gamers in NZ have to say, we’re bringing it to you in a monthly podcast. We’ll have the Aspect of Gaming crew on to chat and each month we’ll try to get an NZ gaming figure or even developer on for an interview. We’re making it so you can tune in live with Twitch.TV or just check out a recording on YouTube.
    We’ll try to do more with our YouTube and Twitch.TV channels as well BUT we’re still thinking about what we could do that would have the best and biggest impact on NZ gamers. You’ll find these going up on our website events calendar and the events section of our Facebook page.

  • NZ video game events calendar – ever wondered what the hell is going on in NZ gaming? Where do people go to meet up, game and get to know each other? We’re sick of not knowing and we’re sick of you guys askin’ us (shaddap!) so we’ll be hosting and updating an NZ video game events listing page. Go there to find out what tournaments to compete in, when the next LAN is going on in your area or when the next BarCraft is coming up.

  • NZ gaming projects – one of the reasons we’re doing this is to help all aspects of gaming in NZ. We want to help event organisers get known, we want to help gamers find their favourite gaming communities and we want to help those who look down on gaming to see why gaming is freakin amazing (yeap we’ll be converting people, we’re a cult now).

We’ll be doing more and more throughout the year and are open to suggestions!


We know gamers live all around NZ and we wanna bring as much gaming as we can to as many gamers as we can. That’s why we’ve taken the time to start up teams in WELLINGTON and DUNEDIN, as well as keeping our headquarters team in AUCKLAND! If you guys want us to hang around Hamilton, Christchurch or anywhere else then give us a big reason to and get in touch. In the mean time, meet the APOG team to find out more.

Cheers for checking out the APOG website and we hope you find the gaming info you need right here.

The Aspect of Gaming crew

APOG ON – Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Twitch.TV

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