Win gaming gear on Facebook this week with Thermaltake

Thermaltake is teaming up with Aspect of Gaming this week to bring you a SAPHIRA gaming mouse and a KNUCKER gaming keyboard!

Be in to win one of those two pieces of gaming gear by liking BOTH the APoG Facebook Page and the Thermaltakeau Facebook Page. Then that’s it, you’re in the draw.

The winners will be drawn on Friday (7th Feb, 2014) at 5PM, then announced on Saturday (8th Feb) when confirmed. If you are the winner we’ll need your confirmation before Saturday (8th Feb) at 5PM or we’ll prize another entry (something about snoozing and losing in there).

HEADS UP: Only New Zealand addresses will be prized, so if you’re the winner and cannot supply a valid NZ residential address then we can’t prize ya, sorry. All our efforts go solely towards New Zealand gaming. Ideally we’d like only NZ residents to enter but you CAN technically be sneaky, like from overseas and then send the prize to a mate in NZ. But you wouldn’t do THAT, would you!?

Enjoy the APoG release and everything to come!

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