Ingress – a game that’s busy being awesome in NZ

Wish you were one of two factions vying for total dominance over the world? Thank god for mobile gaming cause now we’ve got Ingress!

At its roots, Ingress is a map of points (called portals) placed on historical or memorable locales overlayed on your real world GPS map (for your Android phone, sorry iPhone peoples, they’re developing Ingress for ya but it’s not quite there yet). Choose to fight for one of two factions for control over these portals by walking up to them in the real world and “hacking” them with the Ingress mobile app. It goes far deeper than that with so many ways to attack and defend your portals, but we’ll leave you to dig in to the details.

Christmas Tree made by Ingress players in London…

Seems pretty simple right? Yeah, but it means so much more for gaming in NZ. All around Aotearoa mobile gamers have banded together to take whole areas of portals, meet each other at solo or cross faction dinners, and even use Ingress as a gamified excuse to get out (but still gaming while they do, like a boss). Ingress has brought so many gamers together, and a few NZ communities for it have ended up on our community page already.

The trend is the same around the world. Ingress players have even teamed up to connect portals in the shape (and celebration) of things…

The biggest catch is you’ll need an Internet connection on your Android phone to download the free Ingress app and play. It’s also a battery sucker so investing in a portable & rechargeable battery pack is a huge plus.

If you do start playing Ingress in NZ though, go check out the G+ community iNZgress to really dig into and enjoy the game.

Keep up the portal hacking on Ingress NZers!

P.S. APoG might just be organising some community meet ups soon…

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