Writing for Aspect of Gaming

Interested in writing about gaming in NZ and in general?

We’re looking for writers to flesh out the Aspect of Gaming blog right here so we can grow video game journalism in NZ. We want people like you to get in touch and start writing!

What Our Blog Is About

Our blog is very specific in that we don’t do reviews, big gaming news, or anything you can already find EVERYWHERE ELSE. You’ve got things like The Escapist and Rock Paper Shotgun for that. Instead we write about stories, hints, tips, tricks and controversial topics in gaming – with a focus on New Zealand as a whole.

The Process

Once you’ve written to us saying you’d like to be a writer, we’ll go through a selection and setup process:

  1. The writer emails APoG via infoatapog@gmail.com
  2. APoG and the writer decide on a single blog post topic to write about
  3. The writer writes that blog post
  4. There is a back and forth of editing on content and structure of the blog post between APoG and the writer
  5. The writer is then given a login to the APoG website and uploads their blog post

Get Involved!

So email infoatapog@gmail.com with your name and a topic you’d like to write about. It’s pretty damn simple :).


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