A few APoG admins were at Ping Zero 44 in full force over the Easter weekend! Here’s our recap of what happened…

PZ 44 Venue

With over $5000 in prizes, loads of sponsors and a wide range of gamers joining in, the event was bigger and better than ever!

What Went Down

The weekend started off with an easy set up at midday, Friday the 18th of April. What followed was more than a LAN, it was a community sharing the awesome that is gaming.

Starting out the LAN, loads of social and competitive matches from loads of different games were played. We got a few WarCraft 3 matches going (Pudge Warz & Warlocks!) and started up some StarCraft 2 scrims along with the multitude of BattleField 4, Quake Live and CS:GO games that other gamers were running.

The new Trial Fusions from Ubisoft was present as well (thanks to them helping promote and support Ping Zero 44). The game was up on a projected big screen and saw some outrageous matches played throughout the LAN.

Friday night crept up on the LAN gamers and the DotA 2 tournament began to thrive. The dull hum of computers came alive along with the screams of players as they went head to head in their efforts to climb the tournament brackets. Soon after it was bed time as we all waited for the hectic day of tournaments and finals matches that would be Saturday.

Saturday was a blast and the grand finals matches of each tournament were live streamed and shout casted. We helped Ping Zero throw on their first League of Legends tournament which was held alongside the many others (DotA 2, CS:GO, Quake Live etc..) they host at every LAN. In the end, the $5000 prize pool was slowly handed out at the prizing ceremony and a bunch of gamers were treated to spot prizes for participating in the tournaments and the LAN itself. Also, due to Mighty Ape sponsoring Ping Zero 44, the crowd went crazy throwing hundreds of small foam Mighty Ape bananas around (as hectic as a full on MOBA team fight). The social games returned briefly before sleep was upon us and the end of the LAN drew closer.

Finally, Sunday rolled around and we all had a few more rounds of games before pack up time. Even on the last day, friends both new and old were scrambling to play that little bit more and squeeze every ounce of gaming out of the LAN

And me? I barely slept the entire time. The urge to game was too damn strong!


Keep up to date with Ping Zero and follow them to stay up to date on their next LAN as they keep on growing.

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