Learning more about gaming at University

About a week or two ago, Aspect of Gaming saw a Tweet go out from a University student in the South Island.

twitterShe’d found a Video Game Law lecture and while watching it, mentioned on Twitter how there should be more of this kind of thing in NZ.

So what did we do?

Since we’re tied to the University of Auckland Video Game Club and hugely support knowledge sharing in gaming, we got in touch with that lecturer.

Now, on Wednesday the 21st of May, we’re holding a remote web chat lecture with him (Jon Festinger from the University of British Columbia) on Video Game Law and Culture. We’ll have a real life event for the lecture at the University of Auckland and a live broadcasted online event via www.twitch.tv/APoGNZ (where people can ask questions in the chat section!) so ANYONE in NZ can join.

It’s just staggering how things like Twitter can now connect everyone like this and create these opportunities. We’d love to see you there, either live at the event (with some food and drink afterwards) or online via Twitch.tv so get in there and start learning more about your passion – Video Games!


Join this upcoming event:


Learn more about Jon Festinger from the University of British Columbia:


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