Gaming On-Demand In NZ: Telecom’s Aircade

Ever wanted to game on demand? Hah, half of us probably never thought about it! Doesn’t even seem like a thing.

We might now get the chance to say goodbye to lugging around our bulky desktops for the best gaming experience because Telecom has another thing comingAIRCADE!

So what is Aircade?

Pretty much, Aircade gives you the ability to stream games FROM your desktop (or other device, I dunno) and play em anywhere on something a lot smaller and lighter. Playstation 4 and other such new age consoles also offer this but with a slight limitation – you can normally only stream to devices from a similar developer (e.g in the PS4’s case you can pretty much only stream to your Vita device).

But don’t just leap onto the hype train. Aircade needs a few tick-boxes checked off and some questions answered first. They still don’t know what this service will cost, what kind of net connection you’ll need to use it nor what kind of portable devices it can be used with! They do know what network you’ll need to transmit your games but we’re wondering about how your portable device (or other) would receive the signal.

While we’re excited we’re also pretty skeptical that NZ is ready for a service like this (mainly cause of our pretty shoddy internet statistics) but hey, progress is progress.

Go check out Aircade and sign up for the trial. Who knows, you might be a lucky trialist.

Let us know what you think about Aircade and the plans of Telecom in the comments below :).

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