Event Recap: DotA 2 Community Crackdown Online Tournament #1

At the beginning of May we hosted our first ever DotA 2 Community Crackdown NZ Online Tournament!

With 27 teams playing over two days, the community was more than ready to take their team to the top. They picked up tournament instructions quickly, played some epic matches and truly let us at APoG know that we were making a difference.

Day 1 saw rounds play from the double elimination bracket with a few tasty moves. Check out the Day 1 recap video from our epic guest shout caster – Omegakai.

On Day 2 the Semi Finals, 3rd Place Match and Grand Finals took the stage. Team iPlay swept their competition away to take 1st place in a 2-0 victory against 2nd place Team Virtual. In 3rd came Team Moving-Exp, besting Team Winning Habit two mates earlier. See the full brackets here and be sure to watch Omegakai’s Day 2 recap video.


We’ve got loads of prep work going into D2CC#2 and we wanna make it the best tournament we can possible throw on for you DotA 2 players out there in NZ. We want to release this soon BUT bear with us because we’ve got some cool plans that we’re sure you’ll appreciate. They may take a short while but all will be revealed soon!

See you all at D2CC#2 and hey, practice your asses off in the meantime!

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