Event Recap: AuckLAN 6

What we got up to

AuckLAN is a real life LAN event where PC and Console Gamers alike come together in one room and game it out over a few days. With AuckLAN 6 coming up, AuckLAN asked us to host tournaments for StarCraft 2, League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients 2 while they grabbed prizes for the competitors. So we delivered, and AuckLAN 6 was one hell of an NZ gaming event.


The LAN spanned just under 48 hours and across 3 days with hectic tournament schedules, fierce competition, and some great social gaming. The Aspect of Gaming crew met some amazing gamers and touched base with a few NZ gaming communities as well!

Day 1: The Beginning

Set up is always a drag but by the time we got there gamers were getting into the LAN. We put up our new banner and as we set up our rigs we were greeted by passers by and got to know the community of gamers attending the LAN. It was the best set up experience we’ve had, getting to know the gamers competing in our tournaments as they walked by.

Night fell pretty quick and we spent the rest of it organising with teams how they wanted us to run the tournament brackets and schedules. We had some great ideas from the community and they were all really helpful in dealing with schedules and tournament setups. Games quickly kicked off for the DotA 2 tournament and we saw a 3 team round robin smashed out before we all hit the hay. The gaming had only just begun.

Day 2: Tournament Time

An early start for all players as the StarCraft 2 tournament got underway just after CS:GO. Every team had entered into multiple tournaments so scheduling matches was a huge challenge, but we eventually got most of the rounds matches for SC2 out of the way.

Next up came the League of Legends tournament with one hell of a hilarious grand finals between a team of under-leveled accounts (EasyGameEasyLife) versus a few veterans (Super SACS). Sure the games were quick, but the under-leveled team put up a crazy fight before they succumb to what was the power of runes and masteries. Grats to Super SACS for taking first place! They came away from this battle with 5 Steel Series headsets, leaving their opponents mouse pads for second place.

After a few more StarCraft 2 matches came and went we moved onto the DotA 2 grand finals between Hans Yolo and doGGed. Crazy strategising came into play as the teams tried to out-pick and out-play each other on the battlegrounds of Dire versus Ancient. Hans Yolo eventually emerged victorious after some pretty damn close matches to secure first place. Both teams walked home with DotA 2 themed Steel Series gear for their efforts thanks to AuckLAN.

Finally the StarCraft 2 grand finals approached and Zerg master Eli took on the Terran terror bullfrog. In the end the Zerg swarmed to victory with some early rush play along with the crazy strength of roaches and mutalisks. Enjoy your first place Eli.

Day 3: Cya, & Enjoy Your Prizes!

Finally it came to prize giving time and pack-up. Many battles were fought across way more games than we thought could possible have tournaments at a LAN simultaneously and everyone came up on stage to claim their places and prizes.

(Will try getting pics of everyone next time! 🙂 Sorry for those we missed)

Who we met

lolnet.co.nz, Roadkill, Standing Fierce, Battleops & 1337.Net.NZ were among the many awesome NZ gaming communities we met up with and they all had awesome crew members there.

Here’s a quick list of everyone that supported the LAN….


MikiPro | 1337.Net.NZ | Red Bull | Steel Series | KiwiPong | Roadkill | Pariah | Live Wire | PB Tech | Standing Fierce | lolnet.co.nz

Be sure to go check em all out!

How you can get involved in the next event

Keep an eye out at http://aucklan.com/ for news on the next event (AuckLAN 7! YUSSSS!) and join us for the NEXT LAN whenever it may be. Honestly this was one of the funnest LANs we’ve ever been to mainly cause of the welcoming community, involvement of loads of gaming groups & sponsors, and the hard work of Alex Grant (AuckLAN co-founder and marketing dude) making sure everyone got around and met some new people.

Cheers for having us AuckLAN!

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