New Zealanders Gaming For Charity | Kiwi-Cast

The Kiwi-Cast crew have a dream, and that dream is to bring together gamers from all around NZ so they can raise money for charity by doing what they love. They’re a group of ambitious gaming YouTubers from NZ and they need your support as a gamer! From the 11th to the 12th of July they’ll be hosting a 24 hour (midday to midday) gaming for charity event for the Youthline foundation, with loads happening and all of it broadcasted via the Kiwi-Cast YouTube. Joining alongside them are a slew of enthusiastic supporters – The Trusts | Zeal | La Porchetta | Logitech | Fatso Games Club | Lotech | Pita Pit Henderson | Whittaker’s Chocolate | Video Ezy | Mexicali Fresh

The Sponsors Of Kiwi-Cast

Get involved with the mass of activities goin’ on

As a supporting gamer, you’ll be able to:

  • Prove your worth in tournament
  • Join in on a live stream with some wicked New Zealand YouTubers
  • Kick ass on public servers alongside the live stream
  • Buy things for charity via online auction

We don’t need to tell you how awesome this is for the gaming scene in NZ. You all know how important charity is and what it means to show the world how passionate, kind and giving gamers are. So get in there and DONATE. With 1 month out until the event, Kiwi-Cast are starting to release everything to the public. To start with, tournament sign ups have been released for GTA V, Red Dead Redemption, AC IV: Black Flag and Forza Horizon. So start signing up and gaming for charity already!

For more info on Kiwi-Cast Visit Their Website: | Or join the Facebook Event



|Twitter: @Kiwi_Cast

Cya on their stream come July 11th 🙂

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