Event Recap: TI4 Viewing Party

The Auckland TI4 viewing party was an absolute blast on Tuesday night with 533 tickets sold, a bunch of media people coming along and even a guest appearance by Kim Dotcom. This made it one of the biggest viewing events in the south-east asian region!

A 16 foot screen dominated the main hall with a 12 foot screen in the cosier and well set up VIP room…

There were tonnes of cool attractions alongside the main viewing….

A 1v1 tournament with Playtech NZ…

The places were all taken in the first 10 minutes of sign-ups and some epic matches ensued.
A cosplay competition…

Featuring the AMAZING Crystal Maiden winner.
A pub quiz and raffle…

All with great prizes from our sponsors Kingston HyperX.
Red Bull inspired, DotA2 themed drinks…

Extra themed drinks available in the VIP room along with the first 80 sold coming with DOTA 2 TI4 coasters!

The VIP room was pumping…

We even got the event shown on Paul Henry’s show on 3news! Shows what we can do with the support of a great community.

So a quick thanks to our supporters:

  • Red Bull – they helped us land the venue and get some couches, bar leaners and ottomans to flesh it all out.
  • Playtech – these guys helped out with getting the 1v1 tournament gear and prizes. HUGE props and keep and eye out for when they put those crazy powerful and beautiful mini PCs on sale :). We’ll let you know.
  • Kingston HyperX – the full on prize sponsors that got you all giveaways, headsets, memory sticks and loads more.
  • Vector Arena – the venue with the impact that made this event look bloody top notch.
  • Digital Nationz – the group that got us contacts and support (like sound tech so you could hear everything!). Go check out their gaming convention coming up in September!

AND A big thanks to all you gamers who attended!

We hope you had an absolutely fantastic night like we did.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next event :).

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