What we’re up to at Digital Nationz 2014

So we here at Aspect of Gaming have been drafted by Digital Nationz to do some SERIOUS stuff for Digital Nationz 2014 this September (27th & 28th). Organising a massive LAN with two tournament by us and 3 other tournaments going on, as well as running two detailed gaming workshops, is taking a hell of a lot out of us. But hey, we’re committed 100% to making it the best experience for you, so what’s sacrificing a little personal time and sleep, eh?

ONE HELL OF A LAN + Format & Prizing Info

We’re running two kickass tournaments, alongside 3 others (by Oceanic Gaming, Adversity Gaming and Standing Fierce), with MASSIVE prize pools and a chance for true glory. Check out the details…

DotA 2 – with a whopping $2000 cash prize pool ($1500 1st, $500 2nd) + peripherals from Logitech! 16 team slots are available for this LAN tournament and the format is Double Elimination on Captain’s Mode. When there’s a crazy prize pool like this and a main stage for matches to be broadcasted from, you know there’s no way you’ll can miss it.
Hearthstone – accompanied by a $400 cash prize pool ($300 1st, $100 2nd)  + peripherals from Logitech! Our DNZ14 Hearthstone Tournament will be epic. We ran our first one back at Ping Zero 45 LAN and people went nuts over it. THIS tournament runs a Swiss style bracket into a double elim bracket, so you get to play the entire first day no matter how many times you win or lose. OH and there’s 64 player slots in this tournament – it’s gonna be huge!

So BUY A TICKET (choose Logitech G BIGPIPE LAN Pass – General Admission)SIGN UP TO THE LAN and REGISTER YOUR TEAM (Dota2) / AS A PLAYER (Hearthstone) for your chosen tournaments. You can compete in all tournaments BUT if there’s a CLASH you’ll simply have to decide which tournament you want to forfeit a match for. Simple as that :).

NOTE: LAN is Bring Your Own PC/Device (BYOD) so make sure you’ve got a laptop/ desktop to bring before you sign up!


We’re hosting two workshops, all around “Becoming Part Of Your Favourite Game“. We’ll be covering two topic very close to our heart – “Live Streaming” & “Gaming Communities” – teaching you how to deal with each. And hey, these are free walk-in workshops on the show floor so don’t be shy!

How To Live Stream – Find out from NZ DotA 2 shout caster Rion “Omegakai” Röben how to live stream using Open Broadcaster Software and xSplit. Become a shout caster, create an online personality, or just share your games live with your friends and family – live streaming for gaming is broadcasting you playing games live online for anyone to watch.


Building Gaming Communities – Learn from Theo “Snowypadre” Martin what it takes to build a community around your favourite game. Bring people together by creating something they can follow along with ways to connect with each other.


See you at Digital Nationz 2014, gamers of NZ!

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