Auckland’s League of Legends Season 4 Viewing Party!

Auckland’s League of Legends Season 4 Viewing Party!

Open to all ages + Food included with ticket + More spaces for the 1v1 tourney+ LIVE viewing of the Grand Finals + Alcohol available

We’ve listened to you guys and pulled out all the stops to bring you everything you’ve ever wanted in a viewing party.

Said you’re not old enough? Now there’s no age limit to attend! Just barely missed a space in the 1v1 tournament? Now we’ve opened up MORE spaces alongside Oceanic Gaming and Playtech!

Finally, we’re building the monster of a viewing party you’ve always wanted.


THIS is a massive gaming party all about LEAGUE OF LEGENDS! We’ll be watching the Grand Finals of the League of Legends Season 4 World Championship Series on one massive screen, but before that all goes live we’ll be throwing one hell of a gaming party…


From 5pm-7:30pm (before the stream switches on for the LIVE viewing) we’ll be blowing the roof off of SkyCity along with Oceanic Gaming, LoLBootcamp and LoLNZ! A 1v1 LoL tournament by Oceanic Gaming with PCs from Playtech will kick off alongside training with Challenger Tier players from LoLBootcamp while LoLNZ gets the photo wall, cosplayers and crowd going. We’ll have an unbelievable amount of gear to give away so taking part in everything is well worth in. From headsets and mice, to LoL branded Season 4 merch, you’ve got a big chance to walk away with something awesome.


We’ve got two types of tickets available for this viewing party. There’s the Summoners Ticket which includes food, entry to all activities, and the viewing itself. Then there’s Masters Tier Ticket which includes ALL perks from the Summoners Ticket and chucks on a private viewing area, private bar, a couple of free raffle tickets, and more. Find out all the info you need on the ticketing page.

Thanks to all the supporters who’re already with us,

Red Bull NZ | Playtech | LoL Bootcamp | LoL NZ | Oceanic Gaming | Vivenda 3D Printing | Big Pipe Internet

and to those sponsors still to come!

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