Event recap: APoG at Digital Nationz 2014

This weekend our crew had the pleasure of organising and coordinating  DotA 2 and Hearthstone LAN tournaments for the Logitech G Championships at Digital Nationz (with the love of our supporters who had our backs the whole way) alongside 3 other tournaments with Oceanic gaming, Adversity Gaming, and Standing Fierce. Also lets not forget rockin’ AuckLAN crew throwing the LAN together and Hunger Drive putting on an epic show with their broadcasting and AV skills!

The Digital Nationz Logitech G Championships eSports tournaments & Bigpipe LAN

Organising a LAN/ eSports event of this scale always has its trials and tribulations, but with the combined efforts of our crew and with all of the support, we persevered and it kicked ass!

A big shout out to our tournament winners…


First place winners, Team IClen

Team IClen

Second place winners, Tryptamine Dream Team

Tryptamine Dream Team

Third place winners, Team FT.BigPipe:

Team FT.Bigpipe


First place winner, Ocelot


Second place winner, MattyNZ


Third place winner, PPTheGreat


Of course our blood, sweat and tears would mean nothing without the participation and amazing reception we received from partakers and NZ gamers during this event. This weekend we saw dedication and passion of remarkable proportions, incredible teamwork and the viewing stalls buzzing with pure, unadulterated energy. You guys continue to inspire us here at APoG with your enthusiasm for competitive gaming and eSports. We love you all!

The Aspect of Gaming Workshops

We were also given the opportunity to run 2 workshops each day of the event – ‘Gaming Communities’ workshop by Theo “Snowypadre” Martin &  ‘Live Streaming’ workshop by Rion “Omegakai” Roben. You can actually download all the slides and watch the streaming workshop video here!

These went better than we could ever have expected! The sign-ups were running off of the page and the rooms were crowded with keen faces. Being able to share some insight and tips on what we do as a team with other gamers (hopefully to help promote the expansion of gaming communities and streamers here in NZ!) is an occasion we treasure.

Digital Nationz 2014 – one hell of an awesome show!

On top of that, Digital Nationz was in itself an exhilarating experience. As gaming enthusiasts, we loved nothing more than to be surrounded by all of the various gaming and tech exhibitions – checking out new PC peripherals and parts, mind-blowing innovation, new/upcoming AAA titles and especially getting to demo and appreciate indie titles by NZ’s local developers. The event as a whole was an incredible feat and we are honoured to have been a part of it.

A massive THANK YOU to the LAN and Tournaments supporters:

It goes without saying- we couldn’t have done anything this tremendous without you, gamers of New Zealand!

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