GamersFTW in NZ – gaming news coming at you!

GamersFTW is coming to New Zealand, and coming in strong. They’re a gaming news site that’s gearing up to keep New Zealanders infomed on both local and worldwide gaming news, so definitely check them out. We caught up with their regional leader in New Zealand, Ben Carmichael, to talk on what GamersFTW is all about…

“GamersFTW is emerging as the go to place for the latest gaming news, previews, reviews and feature articles. We’re run by two passionate gamers, Adam Phillips in the UK and me in New Zealand and have a team of about 20 writers on board. After breaking through in the UK we are now proud to bring GamersFTW to New Zealand and support the local gaming community through You can also find us on twitter at @ftw_gamers and @thattechbloke (that’s me!), we also broadcast through Twitch gamers_ftw and purebennyc and regularly giveaway codes to our social media followers.”

Head over there and say hi to the team, New Zealand gamers!

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