Win a copy of Screencheat from Aus developers Samurai Punk

We got in touch with Australian developers Samurai Punk and picked up a bunch of codes for Screencheat to review and mess around with!

Long story short this is a 4 player game where you’re all invisible and you have to screen-look to win. Crazy, we know :P.

Check out our stream and what the game is all about…

It was awesome fun going up against a bunch of mates for a quick laugh. If you’ve got a bunch of controllers you can team up on a single PC in LAN mode so it’s great for kicking back with a few gamers at your place. Some crazy weapons and mind bending levels top it off nicely.

We’ve got a spare copy to give away!

So head on over to our Facebook page and give a like to the post about this blog entry to be in the draw to win a copy of Screencheat. We’ll be drawing one lucky “like”er this Friday at 5pm NZST.

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