Dragon Ball FighterZ is the first game to be announced by LetsPlay.Live (LPL) in a new fighting game series, the Arcade Reborn Tour.

The Arcade Reborn Tour will see LPL bring fighting game esports action to four major New Zealand cities, Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch. With each regional “Top 8s” being broadcast LIVE on location. The regional winners will proceed to a national final top 8, where one will be crowned the overall New Zealand champion.

The New Zealand Dragon Ball FighterZ champion will receive flights and accommodation to Las Vegas Nevada to compete against the world in the prestigious Evolution Championship Series (EVO). EVO 2018 is scheduled to take place August 3rd-5th.

The tournament is open to all New Zealanders over 16 years of age. Players can register now by visiting LetsPlay.Live.

“The Arcade Reborn Tour allows us to promote esports across the nation, something we are very excited about” – Jordan Lilley, Marketing Manager. “We have a hugely passionate fighting game community in New Zealand, and we are expecting some ferocious competition and inter-city rivalry”.

The Arcade Reborn Tour will continue throughout 2018 and feature a wide range of fighting game titles.

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