About APoG

We are Aspect of Gaming

Aspect of Gaming (APoG) was born in early 2014 from a combination of BarCraft NZ (who run bar esports viewings in NZ), Company of Gamers (an eSports organisation with a history of running great tournaments), and the University of Auckland Video Game Club (a society of gamers that build social communities and gaming events). These groups have merged members with the ultimate goal of uniting gamers in NZ, showing them what’s going on in the scene, giving them more ways to connect with each other, and spreading the joy of video games throughout the country. We do this in a huge variety of ways but what we love most is connecting gamers in real life through live events!

APoG supports positive gaming above all and with that core focus we hope to make gaming understandable and enjoyable for both avid gamers and the general public. So not only is APoG here to help unite gamers in NZ, we’re ALSO here to help others love and understand video games.

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