NZ Gaming Communities

Below you’ll find a broken down list of gaming communities in NZ. At the top is a full section devoted to larger and more active LAN and event communities. Below are specific game communities (if you’re wondering how to get involved with say, survivor groups in Day Z), general gaming, and university gaming communities (used for finding the best NZ gaming support and getting involved with gaming at your uni). Know of a community that you think should be on this page? Email its details to and we’ll add it in.

Looking for a local internet cafe or gaming lounge? See our hidden list here!


  • NZ Game Developers Association | Holders of NZ’s GDC (Game Developer’s Conference), the NZGDA are a dedicated group for those creating games in NZ. But they’re doing so much more by building a solid platform for developers to operate and grow in NZ through a variety of means. Go check em out and DEFINATELY get a taste of their Game Developer’s Conference (“Auckland Game Devs Meetup”).
  • Adversity Gaming | NZ’s leading Xbox community. Competitive and social LANs held regularly.
  • Ping Zero | Monthly PC gaming focused LAN events in Auckland.
  • AuckLAN | PC gaming LAN events focused on esports and friendly competition.
  • NZ Gaming League | Social and competitive general gaming LAN event group.
  • Southern esports | The BarCraft crew of Christchurch, Southern Esports host epic video game viewing events (just like the ones we do!). Check em out if you’re down there and grow the Christchurch gaming community.
  • SMG | A Wellington based LAN group, SMG take 48 hour LANs to the max with a huge First Person Shooter culture but support and tournaments for other gaming genres. Follow their steam group community and keep an eye on their website for news on upcoming events.


  • Good Game | Here’s a PC gamer community that’s thriving with live streamers, gaming reviews and more. Follow them on Facebook as they grow and get their website up, they help keep you informed about the gaming scene in NZ (just like us!).
  • lolnet | A Minecraft focused gaming group that’s all about a great social atmosphere and building better communities from gaming in NZ. Enjoy their Minecraft servers and forums plus all their wicked content (YouTube etc).
  • Get Some | A gaming servers and community forums based group that has a plan to take gaming to the extreme in NZ. Keep an eye on these guys. Go over to their SERVER LIST to see the list of games they run NZ servers for and how you can get involved.
  • GamePlanet Forums | New Zealand’s #1 source for gaming communication all in one big happy forum. Enjoy, these guys have done an amazing job.
  • NZ Gamer | One of the greatest places to go in NZ for general gaming news and content.
  • NZ Gaming Subreddit | A great place where you can go and discuss gaming in NZ. There for all your reddit fanatics!
  • New Zealand Gaming Network | An open NZ gaming community for all gamers nationwide. Large TS3 server and forums available.
  • BattleOps | An NZ-based league system for all forms of games on any platform. Currently hugely popular in CoD games for PS3 players. Can host any league though and PC and Xbox will follow soon.
  • Tanky | A gaming and anime blogging site with the goal of building fandom/ gaming culture journalism in NZ. Also the founders of AEON COMMUNITY! Head over for a good read.
  • Auckland Video Gamers Meet Up | A place for Auckland based gamers of NZ to meet up, connect and socialise.
  • NZ & Aus Gaming Community | General gaming chats and mayhem.


  • University of Auckland Esports Club | A community of competitive gamers at the University of Auckland. They have tournaments, LANs, giveaways, and events throughout the year. You can also join their Facebook Group.
  • University of Canterbury Gaming Guild (UCGG) | Gamers Guild for the University of Canterbury in Christchurch. They do loads of meetups and gaming events, even in association with other groups like Southern esports!
  • Gamers Central | As the hub for gamers at Otago University, Gamers Central is a great community to get into when studying. Their current focus is tournaments but they love getting gamers together to enjoy a LAN and a chat as well.
  • Victoria Engineering Club (VEC) | The Victoria Engineering Club are the resident gaming community at Victoria University. Sign up with them if you’re a Wellington gamer at Victoria University.
  • Victoria Esports Association (VESA) | Another Vic Uni entry, VESA are dedicated to creating a safe and inviting community for all esports players that want to learn and meet others with common interests, encouraging participation and socialisation in organised esport events, promoting good faith and fellowship among its members and helping members relax, relieve stress and make new friends by bonding over an interest they are passionate about.
  • Waikato United Gaming Society (WUGS) | Waikato United Gaming Society is a video game club based in the Waikato region in New Zealand. They host online and in person events throughout the year and are affiliated with Waikato University. You can also join their Facebook Group.



  • RIOT Games LoL esports Calendar | While not technically a community, here is where you go if you’re serious about getting into the Oceanic LoL competitive scene. What you’ll find is a comperehensive list of some of the best (and most accessible) tournaments for League of Legends in Oceania. Simple as that.
  • League of Legends NZ | A vibrant community based around LoL players in NZ. They meet regularly, play online together even more and are made up of a supportive group of gamers.
  • Oceanic Gaming | League of Legends related esports tournament group based in NZ, includes Aus teams for online tournaments. Builds highly competitive pro tournaments and fun semi competitive community tournaments.
  • The Team Forge | THE place to go if you’re wanting to join a team or find a new team member for League of Legends in New Zealand.
  • Southern Summoners | A South Island based regional group for League of Legends, bringing you content from all around the region, the nation and world wide.


  • Hearthstone OCE | Join this Facebook group to get more out of Hearthstone with group meetings and a list of gamer tags you can add in their files section!


  • NZ Melee/Smash 4 Community | Love fighting games? Wanna crush more mates at SSBM? Get more out of the fighting games community in NZ with this Facebook group!


  • StarCraft 2 NZ | Dedicated Facebook group for everything StarCraft 2 in New Zealand. Great place for check out on upcoming events, esports groups or community chats.


  • Kiwi Alliance | Primarily a Firefall community, Kiwi Alliance are a group of gamers keen to meet up and dish out some chaos together. They’re looking to expand into other games as a community so keep an eye on what they’re up to.


  • Call of Duty esports ANZ | Keen to get competitive in Call of Duty? Here’s the group to join. The admins are some of the most committed and knowledgeable in the CoD community here so definitely worth a look.
  • COD CLANS OF NZ/AUS | Hook up with the Call of Duty clans that hand out in the OCE region. Talk some CoD and maybe get competitive!


  • CS:GO Auckland | Prep your twitch trigger for this Auckland based CS:GO group. They’re looking to start up some tournaments and push the scene a bit more so it’s a great time to get involved with em.


  • iNZgress | NZ Ingress gamers are coming together in this G+ community for NZ. Check out what’s happening, join group meetups and get in on events. Brought to you by Ingress NZ.
  • Ingress Enlightened New Zealand | Ingress hacker playing on Enlightened in NZ? See what the rest of your faction is doing right here.
  • NZRE | The Resistance group in NZ is fierce. If you’re part of this faction for Ingress, join the group to keep track of (and join up with) your team mates.